‘Coaching individuals and corporations to create everyday enlightenment by removing unconscious sabotage thereby creating sustainable personal and professional excellence and paving a permanent pathway for success’

Melissa Scott HeadshotMelissa is an extraordinary leader who has assisted thousands of people world wide to transform their limitations and start living their dream life. Her powerful philosophies of quantum physics and practical life coaching strategies teach you the step by step process of recreating your realty. She is the pioneer for amazing processes that enable you to release your limitation from the unconscious mind and create your desired reality. She appears regularly on stage with international leading edge personal development teachers and in corporations sharing her passionate message on how to create your dream life NOW.

She is the creator of the Enlightened Coaching Code, a certified coaching system offering revolutionary healing techniques utilizing Life Coaching, NLP, Energy healing and Psychic guidance. This coaching and healing system offers the opportunity to clear re-current issues, surface problems and bring spiritual solutions that are tailor made healing remedies that come directly from your soul.

Melissa has a background in behavioral psychology, Life Coaching, kinesiology, spiritual healing and NLP Training. She has worked with numerous individuals in corporations and small businesses facilitating expanded communication, self awareness and accelerated results. She is the founder of Equinox Life Coaching and has successfully coached clients throughout Australia as well as internationally.

As a Professional Coach, Speaker and NLP Trainer, Melissa has run a successful Executive & Life Coaching practice enabling individuals and corporations to maximize efficiency whilst enhancing lifestyle and personal fulfillment. She is considered to be a leader and visionary delivering programs that get to the heart of issues and facilitate transformation.

Melissa has a solid understanding of the psychological foundations with experience in behavioral assessment tools, communication and leadership technology that produce solid, quantifiable, bottomline results. Melissa is renowned for offering business leaders and senior corporate teams, a powerful combination of personal development training and strategic coaching. Her background in Coaching, behavioural science, Dispute mediation, and management has assisted Melissa to masterfully facilitate cultural transformation with a variety of clients from large corporations to small businesses.

Equinox Life Coaching SeminarSome of Melissa’s recent client list for Training, Coaching and speaking includes:

  • Decipha/Australia Post - Management Team, Australia
  • The Life Coaching Academy - Australia and New Zealand
  • AGFA Photo - Director and Management Team, Australia
  • Shirlaws - Business Coaching, Australia
  • BPLB - Advertising Agency Thailand and Australia
  • Herman and Berry - Accounting Firm- Australia
  • Affinity Financial Planning - Australia
  • Strategic Financial Planning - Australia
  • Young Entrepreneurs Organisation - Australia
  • Lawfund - Mortgage Brokers, Australia
  • Client For Life - Financial Planning, Australia

Melissa is an Inspiring and motivating key note speaker regularly appearing to corporate and business groups around Australia and Internationally on how to break thru your sabotage and limitation and create the life of your dreams. Melissa presents to groups as small as 6 and to 1000 +. She is a dynamic and inspirational speaker who challenges her audience to “paradigm shift” their thinking to enhance results and get real about who they are ‘being’ and
work how they can start ‘doing’ and ‘having’ more of what they love in life. She is a gifted speaker who moves her audience to a place of empowered motivation using her innovative coaching processes.

Some of her key note address topics include:

Accelerate Success weekend - September 2014

Bali Goddess Retreat - March 2014

Millionaire Within Dymphna Boholt and Melissa Scott - Brisbane 2013

Millionaire Within Brisbane Dymphna Boholt and Melissa Scott - 2012

Platinum Partners - 2013 and 2014

Enlightened Goddess Retreat - Bali 2013

Platinum Partners Key Note - 2011 and 2012

Enlightened Goddess Retreat - Melbourne 2012

Platinum Partners Key Note - Living in the Now - Sydney July 2010

The Enlightened Goddess Retreat - March 2010

Wildly Wealthy Women Wicked Weekend - Hamilton Island Sept 2009

Platinum Partners Key Note - Queensland July 2009

Wildy Wealthy Women Wicked Weekend - Crown Plaza Queensland March 2009

The Enlightened Goddess Book Launch - The Hilton Melbourne Feb 2009

The Enlightened Goddess Retreat - Melbourne March 2009

Equinox Accelerate Success Key Note - Auckland and Rotorua Feb 2009

Equinox Accelerate Success Key Note - Perth January 2009

Corporate Coaching - Training Mastery Program - Koi Sumai Thailand 2008

Platinum Partners Real Estate - Carins Dec 2008

Wildly Wealthy Women Wicked Weekend - Sunshine Coast Oct 2008

Wildly Wealthy Women Wicked Weekend - Sydney April 2008

Millionaire Author Secrets - Sunshine Coast Sept 2007

Wildly Welathy women’s Wicked Weekend - Sunshine Coast Sept 2007

Life Transformation Makeover Program - Australia and US 2006

Wildly Wealthy Women’s Wicked Weekend - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, November, 2004

Wildly Wealthy Women’s Wicked Weekend - Hamilton Island, Whitsundays, Qld, Australia Aug, 2004

Author Special Interest Group - Teleclass - Worldwide July, 2004

Wildly Wealthy Women’s Wicked Weekend - Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia February, 2004

The Secret to Prosperity and Success - Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, September & October 2006

Millionaire Success Secrets for Women - Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia, April, 2006

Wildly Wealthy Women’s Wicked Weekend - Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia, February, 2006

Wildly Wealthy Women’s Wicked Weekend - Sunshine Coast, Qld. Australia, November, 2005

Millionaire Success Secrets for Women - Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, Oct 2005

Wildly Wealthy Women’s Wicked Weekend - Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia - February, 2005

Equinox New Zealand - “Accelerating your Success” - October 2005

Wildly Wealthy Women Hamilton Island - “Success and Balance - how to have it all” - November 2005

Equinox Life Coaching - “Super Sexy Goal Setting” - January 2006

Wildly Wealthy Women Sunshine Coast - “Breaking Thru your Money Sabotage” - February 2006

Millionaire Succes Secrets, Queensland - “Success secrets that make your life Sizzle” - March 2006

Release Sabotage, World Wide - “Internet Life coaching Program” - March 2006

Speakers Bootcamp, Melbourne - “Speaking your way to success” - April 2006

Think and Grow Thinner, International - “Using your mind to create slimness” - April 2006

Wildly Wealthy Women - “Success strategies for to empower Women” - September 2005

Wildly Wealthy.com - “Break thru the barriers to your Success” - October 2005

Melissa can be contacted on 0423 717 181 to tailor presentations to juice up conferences, entertain networking meetings or inspire corporate or business teams.

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