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Advanced Coach Training

Become certified as a practitioner in the Enlightened Coaching Code and begin a journey of personal transformation and professional evolution.

The Enlightened Coaching Code is a coaching methodology and spiritual philosophy that enables people to release limitation and begin accelerating their human potential. It will teach you how to transform unwanted behaviours, enhance communication and accelerate your goal achievement by utilizing the potential of your conscious, unconscious, higher and collective minds.

This modality was created by Melissa Scott-Rowan who after thousands of hours of coaching discovered that there were key techniques that produced consistent transformation. These techniques have now been integrated into a code of coaching that offers powerful transformation and healing.


Enlightened Coaching Code Practitioner Training 2019

The most comprehensive and transformational Coach training that will empower you to learn from Australia’s Leading Break thru Coach and team of successful Life Coaching Trainers


Become certified as a practitioner in the Enlightened Coaching Code and begin a journey of personal transformation and professional evolution. The Enlightened Coaching Code is a coaching methodology and spiritual philosophy that enables people to release limitation and begin accelerating their human potential. It will teach you how to transform unwanted behaviours,enhance communication and accelerate your goal achievement by utilizing the potential of your conscious, unconscious, higher and collective minds.

This modality was created by Melissa Scott-Rowan who after thousands of hours of coaching discovered that there were key techniques that produced consistent transformation. These techniques have now been integrated into a code of coaching that offers powerful transformation and healing.

The Enlightened Coaching code is the answer you have been looking for- it really teaches you how to communicate and bring healing to the unconscious mind in simple, fast and powerful ways. So why would you want to communicate with your unconscious mind? Because the truth is this is where all lasting change can be made. This is where you can create change in any area of your life and become empowered to become the person you want to.

It will help you and your clients to change bad habits, release lifelong problems, and create a blueprint for living out your destiny. Say good-bye to sabotage, procrastination, anger, sadness, guilt and fear and say hello to an enlightened perspective that cuts through eons of confusion and pain.

This is a 6 month training devoted to you, where you will be given every tool you need to create your desired changes and obtain mastery in assisting your coaching clients to do the same.

A lot of people waste so much of their time unconsciously attracting what they don't want in life and this training is devoted to creating only what you do want, doing the release work and accelerating the path to you attracting those desires.

Picture the best possible vision that you can for your life, see every area of your life being exactly as you want it to be, see yourself doing what you love, earning an abundant income, experiencing great health and amazing intimacy with your soul mate and surrounded by wonderful friends feeling proud of the amazing, dynamic life you have created for yourself. Imagine having all the tools, techniques and healing processes that enable you to create that for yourself and facilitate those changes in others.

The reality is all that is possible and it doesn't have to take you a life time to create it....The enlightened coaching code will share all of the cutting edge techniques that help you to break through sabotage rapidly so that you will be reaping the rewards of living your destiny much sooner than you thought possible.

During this training you will experience the theory and hours and hours of actual practical exercises so that you are experiencing real behavioural change. Plus you will receive additional coaching and mentoring so that you really leave the training with an action plan and the ongoing support to be accountable like never before.

If you are ready to commit to a process that will massively get you out of your comfort zone and explode you into action, transformation, passion and lasting results then I offer you the chance to join me at these life changing events on the glorious Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. If you really want to live a life of no excuse and you want to accelerate the path to your dream life then join us as you become certified as An Enlightened Coach training you as A Life Coach, An NLP Coach, An Energy Healer and A Psychic Healer.


Module One: Conscious Mind Transformation – The Art of Life Coaching

Life Coaching provides a powerful model for using questions to advance our thinking and unhinge our blocks and limitations. Life Coaching enables an expansion of our conscious mind and begins to challenge outdated thoughts, feelings and belief systems.

During this module you will learn how to discipline the conscious mind using the law of attraction, the power of intention, the skill of asking better questions, implementing action plans, and outsourcing support.

  • Use the Life Coaching Questioning Model to start coaching straight away
  • Discover 4 advanced coaching models that will take your basic skills to a much higher level
  • Receive tailored coaching models that enable you to coach corporations, children and couples
  • Gain access to Life Coaching templates to accelerate the success of your clients and support them in between sessions
  • Develop Business strategies that start you earning an income from your coaching fast
  • How to specialize your coaching niche: Becoming a success, health, prosperity, abundance, breakthrough coach
  • Speakers Bootcamp tips: How to earn income from sharing your passion for coaching
  • How to work within the corporate market for one on one and group coaching - the How to Guide and What to do when you get the contract
  • Website tools – writing an e-book to increase your profile, database and coaching reputation
  • Public Relations – writing a press release and gaining exposure to promote and leverage your business
  • How to use teleconference systems and record calls and turn your calls into products
  • Professional associations to join to raise your profile
  • Incorporating other modalities into your coaching business
  • Sales and Marketing foundations for your coaching business

Additionally you will receive 22 audios, 6 DVDs and a Life Coaching Manual to supplement your face to face training module.

Equinox Life Coaching is proud to offer The Enlightened Coaching Code Certification that will enable you to become a certified coach through our organization. Equinox has trained and certified 100’s of coaches from Australia and offers a premium coach training program that offers traditional coaching competencies and offers you corporate coaching models, couples coaching models and children’s coaching models that will radically enhance the scope of clients you can feel confident working with. Additionally you will discover how to apply a myriad of healing modalities to your toolkit. The holistic framework also incorporates metaphysical principles that truly allow you to master the law of attraction and practically apply it as you discover the step by step process to building a Coaching Business.

Equinox Life Coaching’s Enlightened Coaching Code Certification has been created from the direct experience of coaching thousands of individuals from across our wonderful globe. It incorporates the advanced coaching wisdom that can only come from the direct application of tools and processes and offers coaches a significant leap forward.

This Coaching program will provide you with the tools and coaching models to start life coaching very rapidly. You will also get to embark on a personal journey releasing whatever stands in the way of you setting up your coaching practice and earning an income fast.


Module Two: Unconscious mind emotional Clearing – Advanced NLP Techniques

This module will enable to you master the skills to create transformation for yourself and assist others in creating their ideal lives by enlisting the remarkable power of the unconscious mind.

You will be taught the unconscious healing techniques to clear negative emotions, limiting decisions, conflicting values and childhood patterns that hold your clients back. Utilising neurological rewiring, mind-mapping, hypnotic visualisation, unconscious mind reprogramming, and future mapping you will learn how to redirect your future and that of your clients. You will be trained in the techniques and provided with tools to support your clients.

You will be taught the processes, questioning models, and dynamic tools of traditional and evolved Neuro Linguistic Programming that assist you to deconstruct and recreate what is not working or useful in your reality and that of others.

You will also be trained in advanced behavioural and developmental models and tools to learn how to coach your clients to create lasting change. You will learn over 30 techniques to harness the power of the unconscious mind. And you will gain access to 5 powerful unconscious reprogramming audios that you will utilize to support your clients healing.

Additionally receive the comprehensive 17 CD series level one coach Training pre-study that is used to prepare you for attending the live training to become certified as an NLP Practitioner and 6 DVDs to continue your learning journey.

Discover the leading edge tools and techniques that enable you to eliminate a lifetime of limitation as you become empowered to create your destiny and coach others to do the same.

This audio training series is designed to work with your conscious and unconscious mind to begin the process of transformation.

With NLP techniques you will quickly discover how easy it is to empower your mind and body to produce the results you dream of!

Our events are always life changing....that is why if you are serious about creating change in your life and learning how to do the same for your coaching clients you need to be there. Devoting this year long process to you and your life rapidly accelerates life changes and your personal and spiritual growth. During this training you will be closely supported, encouraged, motivated and inspired to discover the most phenomenal tools on the planet including all the secrets to create the success you want in any area of your life. The bottom line is not everyone is prepared to do what it takes to create amazing success so you can guarantee that those attending this seminar absolutely will be committed!

Here's what some of our previous participants have said...

"I can't believe how far I have come in such a short amount of time – I feel fantastic on so many different levels and wish the whole world could experience and practice these tools." - Margot Mc Gibbon, Trainer and Consultant

"To all the guy, gents etc out there, give it a shot and do not write it off as soft. It can give you the power to move forward at gym, get that car, more money and get you noticed by the right people you want in your life – give it a go – it's worth it." - Brenton Seacombe, Business Manager

"Life Changing – I have wasted so much time feeling negative emotions like fear, unworthiness, sadness, stress, rejection. NOW I am jumping out of my skin with motivation, energy and the knowledge that great things will come to me. I have also been given the gift to take this message to others who needed what I did. Thanks Melissa." - Danielle Talbot, Communications Manager

"I would not have believed that I could transform myself in such a short period, from the bottom of my heart – Thank You Melissa." - Naomi Seacomb, Bark Busters Franchisee

"These tools have influenced my life and future in a profound way. I am totally empowered to embrace my life and have a panoramic view of how I can relate to the world in an entirely new way." - Candace Thornton, Property Investor and Healer

"I came here as a 'teacher' and I’ve left enriched and motivated as an 'educator' – to go and share and provide opportunities so much bigger and richer than I have ever done before. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou!" - Shani Gill, Teacher

"Melissa is an inspiring and gifted teacher who has a deep understanding of human behaviours. I found her level of knowledge phenomenal and her ability to transmit and share the information easily and effortlessly making learning an enjoyable and exciting journey." - Lucienne Manzart, Life Coach


Module Three: Energy Healing through accessing the Higher self

Access your higher self and learn a simple muscle testing system to balance, clear and strengthen your organs, glands, meridians, elements and chakras to come into alignment and balance your energy systems.

This muscle testing system is also used to accelerate your life coaching and NLP work with clients as you will discover how to muscle test so that you are clearing exactly what you clients needs at each session.

This system will teach you the exact method to communicate with your soul and spirit and understand how to learn your lessons and activate your causal pathway- where you get to live a life of choice.

Additionally you will learn powerful source healing symbols that allow you to do hands on healing with your clients where required.

  • This module will help you discover powerful strategies to learn how to recondition your thinking so that it is automatically programmed for success and attracting what you want when you want it. Learn how to lock in place your very own success CODE where you are in charge of your mind, your emotions, your results from simple exercises that even children can do
  • Discover the ability to read yours and others body language and conversations so that you can easily create and attract synchronicities, and first class opportunities
  • Discover how to create change within your energy so that you can rapidly accelerate what you manifest into your world. Create and work with your energetic imprint. Everything is vibrating energy – learn how to use your energy with intention, volition and attract the highest possible results
  • You will be shown the simplest and yet most revolutionary mediation technique that will have you powerfully reducing stress, fatigue and body ailments. You will also learn the body’s healing code – that will have you eliminating illness, allergies and negative energy

Throughout the module you will learn an intuitive body movement technique, yoga postures and a daily stretch routine that will have your body vibrationally aligned for your benefit and to enhance your skills as a coach.


Module Four: Spiritual Guidance – Psychic foundations

During this module you will be working with your spirit and super conscious self to bring multi dimensional balance and healing. Experience your own journey of accessing your multi dimensional self and bringing balance and healing as you learn the skills of:

  • Contacting and working with your spiritual Guides to access your life purpose and regular guidance
  • Connecting with the arch angels and ascended masters through meditation
  • Crystal healing and using crystals to empower the mind, body and spirit of your clients
  • Learn how to work with your kundalini energy. Clear and activate all of your advanced chakras so that you can discover how to go into a protected trance space to develop your psychic skills to specifically accelerate the healing processes with your clients
  • Learn the steps to enhance your intuition and psychic perception giving you the ability to clear psychic energy and blocks that may be disabling your clients
  • Learn the skills of multi dimensional healing using sound, frequency, colour, sacred geometry, codes of light
  • Gain access to your akashic records so that you can learn your souls lessons and empower clients to do the same
  • Learn how to channel spiritual guidance in a conversational method to support yourself and your clients

Finally you will gain access to a powerful CD to use with your clients that will take them through a guided spiritual healing visualisation until your skills and confidence reach the level where you will conduct this scripted visualisation yourself.

Once all the modules have been undertaken you will learn how to tie all the modules into one system of healing and will be provided with a set structure on how to use all modules during a coaching session. This system of coaching and healing will include a manual to give to your clients, a brochure to advertise what you do and
CDs that you can sell to your clients

“This course has been so much more than just Life Coaching. It was just what I’d been looking to do, a holistic approach that addresses the mind, body and spirit in every facet of life! So excited to share with the world my new gifts and talents thanks to the beautiful Mel.” - Erin Miller

“This course was TRANSFORMATIONAL in every way. I would highly recommend this course if you wish to have transformational changes in every aspect of your being.” - Shawn Rama

“This is one of those journey’s that I will be forever thankful for. The teachings, facilitator and group dynamics have changed my and will change your life. You will establish confidence, faith and fulfillment at a whole new level... life will never be the same again” - Karen Schebella

“I recommend this training program for anyone and everybody who is wanting to find out who they really are or anyone who is wanting to have a new career. Melissa truly connects with you and you will connect with the essence of you allowing you to be the best you choose to be” - Lorraine Enright

“The ECC Program has brought me so much more than I had imagined possible. Through Mel’s beautiful guidance I’ve gained the foundations as a Life Coach across 100’s of modalities. I’ve gained knowledge, experience, divine connections, enlightenment on m life’s purpose and forged new life long friendships – I’ve found myself – the one what was waiting for me” - Veronica Ashdown

“As a coach and mentor Melissa is unequalled in her accurate perceptions, guiding questions of her clients and the transformational outcomes in people’s lives. The positive impact and effect is not just on the participants wellbeing, but those around them are touched as well. The world is a better place.” - Angela Willems

“Since meeting Melissa in November 2013 I knew she was very special and I was drawn to her and her course. I knew I needed to sign up. Since signing up my journey has been amazing and I truly believe I have found my life purpose. I have always felt disconnected to society and “different”. I now know that I am unique and able to be my true self, and comfortable with that. I am ready to share the love with the world. Thank you Mel!” - Paul Wrightson

“This has been a year of huge transformation and integrating new ideas and remembering the old ways of doing things” - Mark Baker

"Thanks Mel for all your support & guidance in helping me to create the life that I have. Mel has created an amazing program which will help you to transform your life. Whether you want to create a business or for personal use Mel has the tools to fastrack your success” - Sarah Andrews



Why this training

This training has been powerfully crafted to safely layer all the learnings required to have you obtain mastery in your own life and your coaching practice.

All of these modules are complete trainings in their own right however are now only available as a complete system to obtain maximum value for the Coach and their clients.

All the modules are taught in a specific sequence so that your learning is exponential as you harness the power of all minds. From my experience we are of the most benefit when we have skill and mastery in working with all aspects of ourselves and our client.



Bonus # 1 Email Coaching Program for Your Clients

You will also be able to use a 6 week email coaching program with your clients that will enable yourself and your clients to

  • eliminate their unconscious sabotage
  • become a money magnet
  • discover the secret steps to motivation
  • De-clutter their lives, get on purpose
  • supersonically enhance their relationships
  • eliminate their fears and the worrying mind
  • discover how to meditate and change boredom into passion.

This process alone will allow you to begin coaching over the internet as you continue acquiring your own skill-set throughout the year long program.

Chakra System DisplayBonus # 2 Chakra Based Healing System

Upon certification of your energy healing module you will be eligible to purchase my chakra based healing system in your practice for personal use and additionally to sell to clients.

This healing system includes the following remedies 7 chakra essential oils, 7 chakra Flower essences, 7 chakra aura sprays, and 7 massage Oils.

Included in the manual is a 10 step life coaching process that quickly allows your clients to experience the benefits of life coaching and easily choose and commit to a new action plan. They will be able to discover rituals to get the divine will unfolding in your life by deleting negative influences increasing your conscious awareness and activating your conscious choice.

This system of daily healing allows you to connect with the divine matrix that influences us daily and access our divine intelligence. This will gives you and your clients a tangible approach to start living your life with all the requirements for health and healing.

This powerful method of self enquiry allows you to overcome your ego, eliminate obstacles and at the same time enjoy the feminine fun of aromatherapy, color therapy, visualization cd’s, vibrational sprays, pamper products, flower essences,crystals and divine music.

*This package is valued at $1000 and will be a free bonus for those who register before 25th September 2019*


Why become a Life coach?

  • If you love the thought of living the most amazing life and simultaneously supporting others to do the same
  • If you love the idea of working from a home office and coaching clients from around the world
  • If you love the idea of passionately supporting others to delete their self defeating behaviours and truly create a life they love
  • If you desire the ability to access phenomenal tools that will rapidly allow you to healing your mind, body and soul and experience profound and holistic healing
  • If you get motivated by personal development books, material and love the thought of incorporating this material into your day to day living
  • The profession of coaching is so exciting and enjoyable and enables you to work minimal hours and attract a great income

Coaching is truly the most extraordinary profession that has changed my life and the lifes of hundreds of coaches I have trained and 1000s of clients I have worked with.

Through the avenue of Life coaching I have been able to become an author of two amazing books, (BIlllionaire Buddha and The Enlightened Goddess), Coach in corporations all across Australia, speak to thousands of people in Australia, USA, Hawaii, UK, train hundreds of Life Coaches and NLP Coaches and witness the believable power of the unconscious mind that can truly help you to unlayer eons of limitation and create your dream life whilst respecting and learning the lessons of your mind body and soul. I have run international retreats pampering the mind body and soul of gorgeous clients and best of all managed to become a wife to my gorgeous husband and mum to my three beautiful boys during this time. I feel like the most passionate coach on the planet and if you resonate with this program and want to transform you and others then please join me on this first step in creating your world to be in alignment with your hearts desires and your highest intention.

Please feel free to phone or email our office to request our current promotional offer and 2018 start dates.

So many of my clients from around the globe have been asking me to run this program so that they can have access to this extraordinary knowledge that my unique spiritual and metaphysical talents avail and finally I have made this Enlightened Coaching Certification available to the general public. Usually you would have to train with me for 3 years to complete all the modules that you can now obtain over a 6 month training period. So it is with excitement and passion that I invite those of you really ready to enlighten your consciousness and help others around the world to do the same to embark on this Enlightened Coaching Code Certification.


Other reasons to join the most exciting profession in the world


This coaching program combines ancient metaphysical principles and modern life coaching strategies to show you how to recreate your reality. Plus you can do this entire program from the comfort of your own home.

Discovering how to become a Coach will help you to help others recreate areas of their health, wealth, relationships, career and even their personal development. If you are really desiring changes in your life to make it easier and more enjoyable, then you will be one of the many who experience profound transformation during this 3 month coaching program.

In this course you will learn how to start being in charge of your life, causing and creating more of what you desire. You will learn the tools, techniques and processes to enable you to stop waiting for life to happen and begin making it happen the way you want it to.

My real desire in creating this coaching program was to find a way to have large numbers of people benefit from life coaching and healing modalities. I also created this program for all of those people out there who have done all the courses and programs and still not managed to take their live where they want it to be. Making your life happen on purpose requires a whole new level of thinking and doing and this course will motivate and stretch you out of your comfort zone long enough to make it happen. It also requires the willingness to utilize the immense tool kit I will provide you with.

I do have a personal request of anyone thinking of signing up for this course – Do not do this course unless you are willing to do what it takes to finally have your life transformed and working how you want it. If you want to be in control of your life, your mindset, your feelings, what you focus on and what you create, then this is the course for you. It will challenge you and you will gain a huge insight into how to truly love and value yourself at many new levels.

When is the last time you updated your mindset? Your decisions? Your values? Your life choices? If you are not living your ideal day or experiencing freedom to fulfil your life vision then it's time to change your mindset. Many people are operating from the same mindset they had when they were a child, an adolescent, sometimes using past limiting experiences to guide their lives and results. This mindset is the only thing stopping you from having your reality be the way you truly desire it. It makes sense that changing your mindset will change what you experience in life. During this program you will learn how to:

  • Work out what the life of your dreams is and START LIVING IT – the life of your dreams is your birthright- learn how to define it and start creating it NOW
  • Identify and Eliminate your core sabotage patterns, lifelong obstacles and excuses that hold you back including limiting family patterns and past life influences
  • Learn to release fear and anxiety using techniques that instantly changes the way you feel
  • Re-create your life and business vision with goal setting that produces tangible and fast results
  • Realign unconscious values and your time allocation so that your behaviour matches your intentions
  • Apply the principles of metaphysics and learn simple processes to manifest and create more of what you want
  • Truly get on track with your life purpose and link in with the profound spiritual influences in our universe so that you can balance your karma and life an unlimited life and empower the generations that come after to you to do the same

This program truly offers you a portal to explore your multi dimensional self as you learn the art and science of balancing all levels of your being at all levels of your consciousness. It is such a comprehensive healing and coaching system that will overlay all existing paradigms and methodologies and simply incorporate them for utilization at a higher self level. It will require a releasing of known structures as it allows you a system to connect with your soul and the higher self of all of your clients. At the same time it will give you access to very structured processes to underpin this spirit led approach to transformation.

When you begin to attune yourself to these layers of the conscious, unconscious, higher self and collective unconscious you will experience a profound level of synchronicity and flow and experience the effortless nature of creation unfolding and also have exponential access to dozens of remedies such as vitamins, homeopathic, essential oils, vibrational remedies, crystals, sacred geometry, feng shui, sound healing,reiki, colour therapy, astrology, guided visualization, crystal bowls, and any existing remedy that you currently work with. If you have a love and passion for multiple modalities then this training is designed just for you and will equip you with the confidence to start earning an income from your spiritual wisdom and metaphysical techniques that truly balance the mind, body and soul.


Home Study Resources

As soon as you register we will ship out your home study resources which are an invaluable resource for ongoing learning and development as you set up your coaching practice.

  • Life Coaching Module consisting of DVDs, CDs, Manual and 6 live webinars
  • NLP Coaching Module consisting of DVDs, CDs, Manual and 6 live webinars
  • Energy Healing Module consisting of DVDs, CDs, Manual and 6 live webinars
  • Psychic Healing Module consisting of DVDs, CDs, Manual and 6 live webinars




This program can be fully completed as a personal development system however if you are choosing to become certified as a Enlightened Coaching Code Coach you will need to attend at least one live event and complete all DVDs, CDs, webinars, complete a home study exam for each module and complete 20 hours of Pro-bono coaching with testimonials and a video of a coaching consultation.

Once certified as an Enlightened Coaching Code Coach you will be a certified Holistic Life Coach, NLP Coach, Energy Healer and Psychic healer.

Attendance at our live events is highly recommended.

5 day immersion

November 27th to December 1st 2019

This 5 day event will be an complete immersion in to all of the coaching and healing modalities. We will study each module in depth and have you actively utilising the techniques and practicing the complete healing system over the 5 days. So much will be gained by this immersion approach as you full embrace the power of these techniques and start adopting the coaching and healing role as you swap between practitioner and client many times during the event.

Following the event you will have 6 months of webinars to support your integration of the techniques and to practice your coaching and healing skills and receive your certification for all modalities.


Upgrading your certification

If you are one of our current Coaches or practitioners and would like to upgrade to the Enlightened Coaching Code please email our office for more information on how to be eligible to complete this expanded version at a special promotional price for your continued education.



The Enlightened Coaching Code certification is an intense training that will have you evolving in a powerful way and therefore you need to be of sound mind and in a position in your life to devote the necessary time, energy and commitment that this will require. Upon registration we will conduct a brief interview with you to ensure program suitability.



Summary of my Enlightened Coaching Code Program steps

Step 1: Register and receive all my home study resources (manuals, CDs and DVDs). These resources are required for you to listen to before and after the live event to supplement the high volume of learning you will undertake.

Step 2: Attend the 5 Day live event on the Sunshine Coast commencing November 27th 2019 to learn the complete healing system. This will be a jam packed 5 day event where you will learn how to use the entire healing system and will learn and practice each separate module.

Step 3: There will be 6 months of weekly webinar support to supplement the ongoing learning and practical application of the healing system to complete your certification.



Promotional Offer

During this Coach training you will be personally trained and mentored by Melissa to be a professional coach using The Enlightened Coaching Code. You will be certified to use this system of coaching and healing to allow you to work as an Enlightened Holistic Coach using the coaching and healing system to facilitate life transformation with your clients.

Your investment Total Value $12,000 includes the following:

  • Optional 3 Day live event on the Sunshine Coast commencing April 27th 2019 to learn the complete healing system
  • Life Coaching Module consisting of 6 DVDs, 22 CDs, Manual and 6 webinars
  • NLP Coaching Module consisting of 6 DVDs, 17 CDs, Manual and 6 webinars
  • EnergyHealing Module consisting of 6DVDs, 6 CDs, Manual and 6 webinars
  • Psychic Healing Module consisting of 6 DVDs, 6 CDs, Manual and 6 webinars
  • Access to utilize a coaching manual and 5 Reprogramming CDs to sell to your clients
  • Guided Healing Visualization Audio to use with your clients
  • Bonus 12 week email “Transform You” email coaching program
  • Bonus Enlightened Healing Kit of essential and vibe essences, oils, sprays
  • Optional 3 day live event in Sunshine Coast Hinterland in November 2019


Time Limited Promotional Offer Closing 25th September 2019

Option 1: Payment in Full $7,000 normaly $12,000

Register NOW


Option 2: Payment Plan only $8,000 normally $12,000

Register today $800 followed by 24 monthly payments of $300.

Register NOW



Contact our office to speak personally to a member of staff on 0423 71 71 81 or email us equinox8@bigpond.com


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