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“A retreat into a divine healing space for your mind, body and soul”

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MelissaHi, I am Melissa Scott and I am a Life Coach, Author, speaker and I run a Life Coaching and NLP Coaching business offering trainings nationally and internationally.  I have had the privilege of Life Coaching and Training individuals and businesses for over a decade. My specialty is teaching people to master the art of inner and outer transformation in their world.

After witnessing thousands of people go through this process, I have learnt that there are simple and powerful strategies that make the world of difference in accelerating this process. My personal passion is taking people through these processes and also teaching people how to walk away from my seminars with a tool kit for life.

I run loads of trainings including teaching people to become NLP and Wholistic Life Coaches however my personal favourite out of all my trainings are definitely my retreats. They are such a sacred space to immerse yourself in a deep and safe healing space that really produces profound change in your life. I have run these trainings in Thailand, Queensland and Victoria at beautiful locations for my coaching students and corporations and am delighted to be offering this retreat in Bali.

Before you get excited, read about all the fun and transformation that will take place and sign up, please note: My key point of difference that sets my retreats apart from many others is this: Whilst we will be having lots of fun and amazing food and delightful pampering (and I mean lots) the priority focus will be on enabling profound personal change that allows your mind, body and soul to learn deep life changing lessons. Part of that process will be intense and at times challenging. So if a total package is what you are willing, able and ready for - then we welcome you to join us at what will be an amazing event. 

Below is an outline of what you will be experiencing in June 2019:


Day One

Our Retreat group will meet up at the Holiday Inn Hotel Baruna Bali at 11am on 17th June 2019 and you will be taken straight to your first of many massages!

Our driver will stop on our way to Ubud so that we can all de-stress and get ready for soul rejuvenation ahead. In the middle of urban Bali you will enter into a private little oasis as you get ready to experience reflexology allowing your whole body to unwind by stimulating the body’s reflex points on your feet.

Next your whole body will be massaged with herbal medicine pouches that begin a deep healing process in the body in preparation for the detoxification process that you will undergo at our retreat.

This will be followed by a papaya body wrap which stimulates cellular repair and conclude with a 1 hour Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. At the end of the 4 hours of pampering you will probably snore your way to Ubud before checking in and experiencing the first of many luscious gourmet raw and vegetarian meals and concluding our initial day with a spiritually healing crystal bowl meditation.


Day Two


After divine yoga at the break of day, your healing adventure begins with a half day pampering experience starting with an Ayurvedic Chakra Dhara Massage. This treatment includes dripping warm herbal oil on the chakra points on your body in order to balance the energy flow and to purify the body, mind and spirit. Your therapist will skillfully treat your body with an array of repetitive and slow movements such as kneading, squeezing and rubbing, which function to eliminate toxins and other impurities.

After this treatment your whole mind, body and spirit will feel uplifted and deeply restored. You will then have a deep cleansing body scrub to purify the dead skin and promote new cells and a healthy and glowing skin.

Next is your herbal botanical facial which softens, moisturisers and firms your skin. Starting with applying milk cleanser, the treatment is then followed by peeling and exfoliation using a natural herbal scrub.

Next a face, neck and shoulder massage with a steam treatment which usually allows you to drift into deep stillness as you enjoy the benefits of your natural facemask.

Finally to conclude your day you will enjoy a one hour head and scalp massage whereby your hair is washed and treated with avocado healing ointment and warmed to generate a deeply moisturising effect to your hair.

Return home to your villa for a relaxing evening of delicious food, meditation and probably the best sleep you have had in years!


Day Three


To expand your healing journey on this morning you will learn and practice a divine hands on healing process that links you up to your higher self and the angelic realms to facilitate profound healing shifts that are rapid and easy. Akashic Coding is a hands on healing process created by Melissa which allows you to link directly to the akashic records and higher beings to allow divine healing matrixes to activate with the body, organs, glands, meridians and chakras. You will practice this healing modality to support the immersion of healing influences that will be taking place during our retreat.

After a light but scrumptious lunch you will return to the day spa for another four hours of massage and pampering. Today the focus will be on gentle touch and the use of hand selected essential oils that will uplift your vibration and support the gentle detoxification process that you will be undergoing. You will experience a divine healing hot rock massage followed by a rejuvenating foot treatment begins with a soak in warm flowered water followed by a deeply relaxing lower leg massage. Beautiful healing juices will be delivered to the spa to nourish you through your pampering experiences. Return home for a beautiful evening to project your hearts desires into the universe as you celebrate balinese dancing with soulful food and mantra chanting to positively re-code your vibration.


Day Four


Morning bliss begins with a crystal healing massage today that will use oils infused with crystal elixirs that will penetrate deep into the cells of your being bringing ancient healing and purification. This will be followed by an indulgent soak in a flower bath and then conclude with a facial and belly massage that will release any stagnant emotional layers.

Returning home for a light lunch and afternoon of quiet reflection and journalling time to prepare for an excursion to Pyramids of Chi. Step back in time and reconnect with ancient structures as you embrace an enlightening journey of reflection, connection, mantra, ecstatic dance, and a gong and sound healing to open your crown chakra.


Day Five


Moving more deeply into our healing experience today you will practice an age old healing modality of “body shaking”. This technique will allow you to rapidly shed old thoughts, feelings, belief systems and limitations by closed eye movement. This “shaking” will bounce the subtle layers of the body waking up old stagnation and stimulating your lymphatic system to deepen our detoxification process. Body, mind and soul will feel the cleansing effects and release laughter, emotion and energies in a very healing way. You will then go for a cleansing dip in the pool followed by a gentle float to balance the body systems.

Today you will also journey to Five Elements restaurant for a decadent lunch and healing meditation in their sacred geometry yoga room to awaken all of our senses and experience a tasting sensory journey with their luscious medicinal food.

On our return you will again visit the day spa for healing treatments. You will experience ayuryoga therapy massage a strong massage with assisted yogi stretches and marma pressure point massage with rich medicinal oils to complete your week of healing. This deep massage will vitalise the energy channels and encourage the body’s own natural healing potential. This will be followed by Balinese boreh body mask which increases circulation, exfoliates and purifies the skin. Immerse once more into a sea salt bath to continue the healing effect on the body. Finally relax once more as you receive a head massage using aruvedic oils to seal in the healing effects.


Day Six


Awaken today to a beautiful healing Balinese blessing ceremony as we receive the sacred prayers and spiritual gifts of the Balinese people. Then stand in ceremony and project your last wishes as we conclude our time in Bali with an acknowledgment circle designed to have you anchor your profound learnings from your week of transformation and bliss.

During your final day spa treatments enjoy a traditional Balinese massage, followed by a nourishing chocolate wrap using 100% pure cocoa butter you will feel nurtured and nourished. Today will finish with foot reflexology allowing you to drift away as your feet reflexes are stimulated to support all of the bodies organs. Return home to our sanctuary for our final celebratory meal together.

Our final celebration together using brain wave sound healing you will go into a guided meditation programming your future for wellness, prosperity, psychic expansion, relationship bliss, and exploration of your life purpose. This will be followed by group light therapy to stimulate the third eye and unify both hemispheres of the brain.


Day Seven


Our final morning, we will enjoy gentle breath work followed by silent meditation to integrate our week of deep healing and allow space to contemplate and journal the valuable lessons.


Bali Goddess Retreat Testimonials


“The Most amazing experience I could have ever given myself, I am so grateful to be part of this and feel so excited for what I create for myself” - Belinda

"Where do I start… what an amazing retreat, everything that you could imagine plus lots, lots more. I will be back." - Nicole

“Don’t Blink, Embrace the inner self, love and enjoy life, can this wonderful gift be so simple? Why have we made life so complicated?” - Matt

“This retreat has inspired me beyond my wildest expectations! I feel I have learnt to access the best of myself. I can’t waitto put all I have learnt into practice in day to day life” - Jo

“An opportunity of a lifetime for all people, men and women, no matter what pathway you have travelled, no matter what faith you have adhered to” - Cynthia

"If you are seeking to reconnect with your highest purpose and live the life of your dreams this retreat is perfect for you” - Jacquie

“The retreat was incredible! Healing the body, mind and soul all at once. It was the most relaxing and rejuvenating week of my life” - Kate

“This has been a life changing week for me, learning to let go and come to a place of peace, joy and harmony. Melissa has a great way of bringing everything together. You will not regret this. Great people, great food, great massages, great everything” - Ruth

“Wow I feel so privileged to have experienced so much love, Priceless” - Amanda

“Over too quick, could live like that forever” - Mark

“The experience was so valuable I found myself thinking of all my loved ones who could really benefit from Mel’s genuine nurturing spirit” - Alison

"Having my partner with me on this retreat allowed us to do a massive healing In our relationship to take home to continue and be able to move forward together instead of apart” - Delwyn

“Mind and body oneness, soul teaching and training should be compulsory in schools. Thank you for enlightening me” - Gavin

“If you ever felt “what about me” come and discover how beautifully perfect you truly are and life can be” - Jane

“Best decision I made for me, so much more fulfilling than a holiday” - Jane

“If you’ve ever imagined a holiday where you can escape the hussle and bussle of your busy life and be in a family environment then say yes to this retreat” - Andrew

"A real slowing down and gift to self, allowing relaxation and pampering as well as personal development. I am feeling replenished and energized” - Mandy

"Inspirational, warming and loving” - Andrew

“Just do it, everybody needs it at some stage, feel so much better now!” - Renata

“An amazing opportunity to stop, reflect and completely recharge and reconnect with yourself” - Joanna

“This has been an amazing opportunity to reflect, reform and restart the mind, body and soul. I would strongly encourage you to give yourself this gift” - Don

"The retreat has taught me to slow down, appreciate the now and find my purpose in life. What an amazing journey” - Joanne

“I think this retreat is great for all kinds of people, everyone is different but I’m sure everyone will leave with a new mind set and view on life” - Shane

"Go nuts! Every second of the retreat was a very new and exciting experience for me” - Mark

"Relaxing, nurturing, educational, lots of practices to take home with you” - Angela

“Mel’s retreat gave me the opportunity to get out of my logical mind and re focus on what I really want. She provides a safe and nurturing environment that allows all my negative limitations to be released so I xan learn to go with life’s flow and enjoy every day” - Fiona

“The retreat was a great opportunity to be still and look inwards. Too often we are all too busy in our lives to just stop and think. It was amazing how many like minded people were drawn to the retreat. It created such a safe environment and open space for all” - Nicole

“This is the best thing I have done for myself to learn to love myself and slow down” - Carmel

“Melissa you are amazing and I thank the universe for the gifts you have shared with us all” - Karen

“This has definitely been a different experience and like no other….for the better! It has opened my mind up so much to achieve my goalsand inner most desires, to let go of hurt and past pain because it serves no purpose for the future I want to create for myself and partner. I hae learnt to love myself more and others, to release negative energy and embrace the positive. I will take everything I have learnt home with me to create the happy, loving healthy life” - Jenna